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Identifies The

DUBB RESTAURANTS; Aras Turizm Nakliyat İhr. İth. Ltd. Şti.

Aras Turizm Nakliyat İhr. İth. Ltd. Şti.

Hocapaşa V.D. 0720089097

Cankurtaran Mahallesi, Mimar Mehmet Ağa Caddesi Amiral Tafdil Sokak No.13 Sultanahmet, İstanbul / TURKEY

Web sites: http://www.dubb.com.tr

Person/company; Dubb Restaurants was founded by or contacted by members, was taken from the natural or legal persons registration system.


General Conditions

This website is authorized to use and each type of savings on Dubb Restaurants belongs to, enter the site and the services offered by using the site's use and contract/modules you agree the rules. Dubb Restaurants job on this site and the site extension, contract terms, including any service, product, existing site terms of use prior information presented on the site with a warning, without having to re-organize, modify, and reserves the right to discontinue the publication. The changes will take effect at the moment of publication on the website.


By entering this web site or the web site's business should be used for each type of conflict that may arise as a result of Turkish is subject to the laws, İstanbul courts in resolving disputes is authorized exclusively.

Dubb Restaurants available on the website of the information accuracy and timeliness is constantly controlled. But despite all the careful work, the information on web pages can remain in the back of the actual changes, it we do not accept responsibility for any damages that might occur because of it.


Dubb Restaurants system healthy and processing within the circumstances need to exist for security measures. However, despite these measures received flaw, as a result of gross negligence or other reasons; process interruption, error, interruption, deletion, loss, delay, computer virus, communication operation or communications failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized use, modification, be entered into the record and all other similar situations that may occur due to any damages does not accept any responsibility.


Link To Web Pages

Link to other sites via this website is possible. Dubb Restaurants does not guarantee the accuracy of the information given on the link pages, there is not any commitment in this direction. These sites use losses that may arise it is your sole responsibility.


Dubb Restaurants this type of linked pages can connect to its own written consent to access the appropriate access to the link won't see you can cut all the time without notice.


Intellectual Property Rights Notice

The owner of the Web site is Dubb Restaurants with all content. The information contained on this page, text, images, brands, logos, slogans and other marks with other software, intellectual property rights protection programs of information, page layout and presentation of this web page, or Dubb Restaurants business Dubb Restaurants provides organizations the license are the property of the.


Web site of the works and information, all financial rights (processing, reproduction, dissemination, representation and public supply) is fully owned by Dubb Restaurants and in part the exercise of these rights, but it is possible for personal, non-commercial purposes.



Dubb Restaurants website in all kinds of written and visual content on behalf of keep will show will this content, however, confident that caused other damage shall not be liable, except for gross negligence.


Registered users of the site with or without our system "Advise" with the option 3. people sent messages through the e-mail system, the website automatically, and is not responsible for the textual content of Dubb Restaurants of the additions made.


Privacy Procedure

When you register to our website, you have shared your personal information by us, for our activities to be used for the purposes specified below you are given. This information is stored securely in our database yourself to 3. People and institutions will not be shared outside your permission.


Dubb Restaurants, depending on the principles of collecting personal information specified below, any information collected related to be stored through the security measures taken by the unit, 3, unauthorized access by individuals, to be used, be destroyed to be changed against the aims to the effort.


The firm under the program conveys all the accuracy of the information or incorrect because there is no any responsibility of Dubb Restaurants.


Registration procedures are carried out in the manner specified below;

By the time it was done recording, the user profile will be created. Company profile in the database are kept strictly confidential. Information delivery is used in many forms during transmit encrypted SSL "Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) decryption technology" is protected.


The data, after reaching to Dubb Restaurants always is mainly protected by strict security and confidentiality standards. In order to benefit from SSL, the browser supports SSL, and the SSL option must be activated.


Registration information is used for the purposes for which data, however, made:

• The accounts be filed and administered,

• Marketing of the services and related products,

• Order of the statistics related to the processes and to ensure the continuation of the links list of links related to the commercial use of the site is the creation of statistics and analysis together.

• Introduction of the site of the company information.

• Identification, validation and registration, creation, and Dubb Restaurants of those services to provide a healthier way to perform all kinds of communication.


Program Terms Of Use

Interested in the services offered on this web site, resources and site content to a specific section or to access to all of the users register/log in to the site and provide their credentials are required. Web site services and site content is fully and properly use all registration information provided by the user to correct, true, current and complete, and to keep it that way is a must. Company registration information immediately any changes that might occur in the Dubb Restaurants to the website agrees to notify via the contact information. From the safety of the user, password, password lost/stolen any damage resulting from the process of personally responsible.


Dubb Restaurants Responsibilities

All kinds of technical glitch that may occur on the system and because of the problem in the case of other relevant forms of populated has no responsibility of Dubb Restaurants.

The company, the web site may result in civil or criminal prosecution any information aktarmamakla and therefore is contrary to public order or through this site for any purpose shall not disclose illegal information.


The firm under the program conveys all the accuracy of the information or incorrect because there is no any responsibility of Dubb Restaurants.


Passwords And User Registration Account Details

Passwords must consist of letters and numbers, should be stored in a safe manner and should be changed periodically.


The identity of the user's password, and other information (if any), and all other activities under the user account is responsible for protecting the confidentiality. Any unauthorized use of user's account or any other security violation of the rules should be reported immediately to the states, Dubb Restaurants From the safety of the user, password, password lost/stolen any damage resulting from the process of personally responsible.


Registers is personal.


Communications sent over Inappropriate emails

Dubb Restaurants, Republic of Turkey Laws, public order and public morals, which he described as inappropriate, in parallel with the rules of user content on the website, to publish, to be sent via cargo, loading, storage, share and its unilateral decision could prevent and banish all the time.


Site Services and Site content-related Provisions

Dubb Restaurants to give you uninterrupted service of the web site will show you the proper care, but this web site can be provided, but not least, the service is continuously interrupted, error-free, glitch will be fixed immediately or of 3. Links to institutions and individuals linked to the server's virus or harmful components or not discharge its guarantee.


There is also a flash content on the Web site work. Therefore, users who do not have flash player, you may have to download the corresponding program. In this case, the aforementioned and similar software DOWNLOADS for damages arising from any of the Dubb Restaurants that there is responsibility, and in this context cannot be no other request from Dubb Restaurants users will accept.


Human Resources

Candidates who apply for a job, are responsible for the accuracy of the information filled on the form.

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