Human Resources

As Dubb, we offer you the opportunity to create your own career, we are removing the borders. And we add you to our team with the most suitable position according to you knowledge and experiments, guide you with our methods. We support you in every way to be one of the best in the food & beverage and entertainment field.

International Opportunities and Diversity of Experience

We have the opportunity to work with the most professional teams in the sector in our distinguished places, which serving in different points of the city, and we are able to experience different concepts under one roof.

Opportunity to Work in Different Departments

You will have the opportunity to work in different departments that we have structured under the name of Strategy, Investments, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Finance.

Pleasant working environment

We offer pleasant working possibilities in an amusing environment where different music and tastes meet.

Continuing Training

We support you in achieving your career goals, and open your development path.
Dubb’s expectations from his candidates are to share our passion to our work, to strengthen our team with energy, to never sacrifice hygiene and quality, to have high self-esteem, to be honest and to communicate openly.


This department is responsible for the development of new business ideas, the improvement of existing business ideas, the preparation of business plans and the provision of sub-structures.


This department is responsible to finding new locations for Dubb brands, undertaking interior and exterior constructions of these places, the completion of decorations and the legal permission at the same time.

Human Resources

This department is responsible for the budget planning and human resources, the execution of the recruitment process, training and career planning, performance management, coordination of wages, benefits and social activities, legal processes and legislation.


This department is responsible for the development of marketing strategies of all the brands in our portfolio, the preparation of brand communications plans and the implementation of the necessary channels in accordance with the target mass, the management of public and media relations, the determination, development and implementation of CRM strategies.


Following the dynamics in the food and beverage sector, establishing systems for the development of activities in this sector, managing the whole organization at restaurant openings, establishing the most effective system to ensure the completion of the hall installations and service preparation, ensuring customer satisfaction at the highest level in restaurants and tracking sales performance, developing strategies to improve sales performance.


This department is responsible for managing the budget, accounting and taxation processes of all operations, carrying out bank, cash and cash flow, reporting, costing, financial planning, analysis and control, monitoring audits and legal processes and carrying out necessary financial studies of investment projects. .


In our restaurants while bringing our guests with carefully selected from Turkish and world cuisines together, we organize wedding, engagement and special celebrations as well as meetings, launches and conferences at the most prestigious addresses of the city.

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